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Kings Heath, historically, and still occasionally King's Heath, is a suburb of Birmingham, three miles south of the city centre. The home of the sexsational Kings Heath Escorts, the very best Birmingham Escorts. It is the next suburb south from Moseley on the Alcester Road. Locals who all make the most of the Kings Heath Escorts and the girls who are Escorts in Kings Heath love their popularity.
A number of independent shops have taken advantage of relatively cheaper rents in the side roads off the High Street and recently there has been an influx of boutiques and even the start of a cafe culture. Of course all of this is helped by the fine reputation of the Kings Heath Escorts. These sophisticated and sexy Birmingham Escorts fit right into café culture. Infact the stunning ladies who are Escorts in Kings Heath are a hit in any social situation. In 2008 the businesses agreed to a Business Improvement District, which top-slices a proportion of their local business taxes to go directly into improvements and promotion of the area. Promotion that gets a boost with the popularity of Kings Heath Escorts.
The locals still refer to Kings Heath as a village even though it has been part of Birmingham for over a century. The name of Kings Heath Escorts is such that they are in great demand by the discerning gentlemen of Birmingham and beyond. What is more the wonderful women of Kings Heath Escort will be more than happy to come and visit you. Its centre at the Vicarage Road junction is now being developed to form a public square, surrounded by community facilities, and will become a venue for the monthly Farmers Market and other events. Put all that aside and indulge in the delights of the girls who are Escorts in Kings Heath.

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